Mindsets that permit exploitation are changed through prayer, education and awareness, media, publications  and consultation.  No human being should be treated as a commodity, but instead a treasure to be protected.  Our trained, survivor-led team, and published material, educates on the root causes that allow for exploitation, which includes trafficking, to exist. 

Call to Action


Action169 provides training and/or consultation to government and non-government organizations, social services, facilities providing safe housing and or treatment, the education system and faith based organizations.



Become equipped from those who have had practical and theological training on commercial sexual exploitation. 


Counseling Services 

Consultation from not only a survivor perspective, but a professional.




Intervention occurs within group settings where overcomer's of exploitation are being given the opportunity to thrive, and discover their God given dreams and value as treasures to the heart of God and ours. Intervention includes the direct opportunity to provides services for women in the commercial sex industry, whether still involved or not. 


Intervention also occurs through direct contact with women who are in the industry. Bella Daughter provides a message of love and hope to God's beautiful daughters who are in the sex industry. 


Survivor led outreach and support groups for women working in strip clubs, escorting or the porn industry.