Action169 is built on a foundation of prayer and is committed to addressing commercial sexual exploitation and problematic substance use through Christ-centered prevention, intervention and holistic restoration care services.  

Prayer is the most powerful and effective weapon to combat exploitation and addiction.


Survivor written prayer guides are available to effectively pray with the wisdom of the Word. 


The Action169 team also mobilizes prayer initiatives, domestically and internationally, to eradicate a spiritually oppressive issue.

To achieve the cultural heart-level change required to end sexual exploitation we must first expose it and provide action steps towards prevention. 

Action169 raises awareness through education, events, printed material, professional trainings, prayer gatherings, our Billboard Campaigns, the annual Freedom Race 5k 10k and Daddy Daughter Dance.

A key to decreasing the shocking statistics of exploitation is the presence of a healthy father in a child's life. When a father is active and present in his child's life,  there is less vulnerability in his child. 

Science tells us that the relationship between a father and child deeply impacts a child’s long-term development in many critical ways. Children with involved fathers are less likely to experience depression, teen pregnancy, risky behaviors such as substance use and more.  Vulnerability factors in a child's life can be decreased, and when vulnerabilities become less, the risk of being exploited or struggling with addiction also becomes less. 

Men of character, strength, and honor are rising up to raise up daughters of honor. 

Survivor led outreach and support groups for women working in strip clubs, escorting or the porn industry.


Bella Daughter provides a message of love and hope to women who are working in the sex industry. 

The Action169 team is visiting faith communities presenting a powerful and impactful message designed to rally the Body of Christ to effectively address commercial sexual exploitation. Gain invaluable knowledge, including specific solutions on how to confront commercial sexual exploitation in all of it's forms, including human sex trafficking.


Understand on a personal, as well as corporate level, how to take action to stop exploitation, which includes trafficking.

Learn to recognize signs of exploitation.

Embrace what it means to empower survivors of exploitation.

Receive the Action169 prayer guide.

Better Health, Hope, and a Future  


Professional, trauma-care support and counseling services for women 18+ 

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