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Restoration Care
Support + Counseling Services

For females 18 + 

New Beginnings of Health, Hope, and Healing

Restoration services provide a unique opportunity to receive online and/or in-person counseling and support. Participants are able to simultaneously address trauma from exploitation and problematic substance use if applicable. The goal is achieving improved overall health. This unique perspective allows participants to simultaneously address trauma from exploitation and substance abuse, while on the path of restoration. 

Counseling offered by licensed and trained professionals who understand trauma and addiction as well as restoration and recovery.

Individualized care  
In-person or online. 

• Individualized Restoration Care

• Holistic Approach

• Person Centered, Strength-based

• Trauma Informed Care

• Expressive Arts Therapy

• Fitness and Nutrition Planning

• 12 Step Facilitation

• Sober Support

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* OPEN JUNE 2021 

Rose House is a restoration home for women 18+

The program is estimated to be about 12 months. If it is determined more time is needed, such will be offered.

Phase 1 of Rose House is emergency care with access to an RN and LADC (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor); however, is not a detox center or treatment center. Residents will meet with our case manager to determine if continuing at Rose House is appropriate according to residents' needs and goals. 


Arukah  is a Hebrew word that means: health, restoration, wholeness, perfected, restoring to soundness. The word comes out of Isaiah 58:8

– This refers to all aspects of our health: body, spirit and soul.

– Restoring health isn’t an overnight process but is a journey.

In Arukah counseling services, we know that that it takes courage to take the first steps towards saying yes to support. We take protecting your privacy very seriously. Our services are confidential, meaning that we will not disclose information about your care, counseling, or support to anyone who is not directly involved in your care without your written permission, or as required by law.