Abolish the fastest growing social injustice of our time, through media. 

Media has always been a powerful tool to bring change. Join us in changing the mindset of a culture to strengthen families and raise awareness on the realities of exploitation. The  image of a billboard sets a precedent,  and because of them, invitations to raise awareness on exploitation are received.    

The purpose of the Sioux Center Billboard Campaign is to highlight the significance of stronger families. Men of character, strength, and honor are rising up. In essence, the Sioux Center Billboard is a call to action. The purpose of the Highway 169 Billboard is to grip viewers with the reality of exploitation, and that our daughters are in fact, not commodities. 

The very essence of exploitation is that there is a perpetrator and a victim. Individuals are forced, coerced, or manipulated.


Here at Action169, we know that there is hope for a different story. Raising public awareness, launching and mobilizing prayer, and taking action are all a critical part of our prevention and intervention work.  It is necessary for a mass social movement to curve the growth of the exploitation of our sons and daughters. By presenting the Action169 Highway Billboard Campaign, awareness to change societies opinion of slavery is created. ​​​



The commercial sex industry is an industry that seeks to commodify women.


The reality is, that none of us were meant to be commodities.

For myself, there was a much needed process of exiting the industry of exploitation and all that came with it, including the lie of my worth. Years into my own restoration,  in the midst of a dream, I heard the words, "Declare Freedom."  In the dream, I was back in the strip club dressing room where we all got ready for a stage set, or dance to be purchased. Right before one of the managers hit one of the girls, there was a phone in my hand to call 911; a call for help.


Declare Freedom...

And so, I began to declare freedom from the past. The dreams of the past would no longer occur to bring torment, but dreams of women, daughters, and friends still in the industry would continue. The numbers 911 were highlighted over the years, and in many ways the numbers signified the urgency of the hour we are in.   

The alarms are sounding to fight for justice, to declare war on perversion, change culture and reach out with a message of love and hopeTo go forward in the calling, the vision must be rooted and grounded in prayer, which causes us to recognize the intrinsic worth of every human being. 

As our team began to understand our role in participating in the abolitionist movement to end sexual exploitation, significant connections were made. Jenna De Jong wrote the team vision, capturing God's heart for justice and the actions we could take to make a difference. Our team began hosting awareness and education meetings, and my hope to go back into the clubs to reach the daughters became a reality. We continued with prayer calls, and out of such, awareness strategies, intervention, and outreach occurred to bring change. 

Michael De Jong, Action169 co-founder, had mentioned he believed he would someday have a highway billboard. Without any explanation of all the 911 highlights over the years, I got a call from Mike saying he thought he had found the billboard–a visual for awareness, a needed component to shift the mindset of a culture. The last three numbers of the contact number to rent the billboard were 911.  The first Highway Billboard was in motion.   

The verse highlighted to my husband, Corey Freitag was, Acts 16:9:  'During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.”  After Paul had seen the vision, we got ready at once to leave for Macedonia, concluding that God had called us to preach the gospel to them.'


When the vision comes, or the Word from God is given, it's then time to take effective action. The Action169 awareness billboard can be seen on Highway 169 and is the first of more to come.  Raising awareness is key to abolishing injustice. 


Danielle Freitag




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Action169 is a 501-(c)(3) charity