Rose House long-term residential care  in Southern, Minnesota for adult women (18+) who are survivors of domestic commercial sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, and/or problematic substance abuse.


Rose House offers holistic, individualized care and support based on physical, emotional, relational, and/or spiritual healing needs. In addition to receiving sober support, a unique opportunity is provided to simultaneously address trauma from exploitation and/or treat a substance use disorder if applicable.


Space is available for up to four women. 

Independent living space can be provided based on needs; however, program guidelines apply.


We know that that it takes courage to take the first steps towards saying yes to support. We take protecting your privacy very seriously. Our services are confidential, meaning that we will not disclose information about your care, counseling, or support to anyone who is not directly involved in your care without your written permission, or as required by law. 

Intake Considerations

• 18 years of age or older

• Survivor of commercial sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, and/or problematic substance use

• Biologically female

• Free of mood altering substances, drugs and/or alcohol for at least 20 days

• US citizen or foreign National who speaks english

• Ready for change and willing to follow a restoration plan specific to individual needs and goals

• Willing and able to stay sober


How long is the program? 

Length of stay varies per individual; however, 12 months in average time. Time may be less or more depending on the individual.


What does the program cost? 

There are no costs to the participant to be a part of the restoration program.

How many women live at Rose House? 

There is space for up to four women at Rose House; however, it is likely there will only be three women in the main house. One space/bed is available for emergency care in a separate space. 

Can I have visitors while in the program? 

We focus on your own needs. After the first phase, which is about 30 days, your individual goals will determine visits with safe individuals.

Can I have my cell phone at Rose House?

We ask that your cell phone be put away for your safety and the safety of others in our home, particularly during your first and second phase. A cell phone provided to you can be taken into consideration after your second phase is complete. Supervised phone calls to your safe contacts can be made from the house phone. The frequency and duration of those calls will be determined by your individual goals. There will be no access to social media during your stay.

Will transportation be accessible?

Yes, we will provide you with transportation while you are in our home.

Can I use drugs and alcohol while in the program? 

Rose House is a drug and alcohol free program. We do not allow the use of drugs or alcohol while you are a part of the program and take this aspect of the program very seriously.