The trained and equipped co-founders and advocates of Action169, including survivor leader, author,  and counselor Danielle Freitag, provide expert trainings and presentations on the issue of commercial sexual exploitation, problematic substance use and the many diverse subjects related to it. 

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Danielle Freitag, LADC, author, co-founding executive director of Action169, is an overcomer of severe addiction and the commercial sex industry.


Danielle works as a counselor and advocate, providing direct support, care and counseling for women in a variety of settings. She is the creator of Arukah, a trauma-informed, faith-centered counseling service promoting holistic restoration through evidence-based practices, including the creative arts.

Her mission is to empower women to overcome substance use and to enable those in the strip club industry to know their intrinsic worth.

Offering expert training on combatting the realities of exploitation and addiction while providing best care practices, Danielle has been requested to advise counselors and advocates, safes homes, medical, government and non-government professionals and serves as a consultant to the Minnesota Department of Health to expand Safe Harbor services. 

Invited to speak in churches both nationally and internationally, Danielle's captivating story of transformation inspires hope and offers solutions. She is the author of Best Care Practices, a manual for service providers, and her first book, The Garden Keys - 22 Keys of Restoration was released June of 2018.  Volume II of The Garden Keys - Awakening Daughter Zion, was released November of 2019.  She and her husband Corey reside in Minnesota, and together, they serve as focus leaders in the Minnesota Apostolic Prayer Network - to end commercial sexual exploitation. 

Danielle Freitag has a powerful story to tell.  Her survivor perspective is from her heart and that is why it is so interesting and captivating.  Jeff Hohensee,  Sr. Inv. New Ulm Police Department

Very useful-hands on information to utilize in practice immediately. - JuST, Shared Hope International Attendee 

We had Danielle Freitag at our church and she did an excellent job!  Danielle knows her subject, speaks with passion and most importantly, has God's anointing.  The Lord is using her in mighty ways!  - Pastor Greg Donnelly 

Danielle is gifted in hearing what Holy Spirit is saying in the moment and leading us in to the Holy of Holies as a worship leader. Apostle Karen Krueger 

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  • Substance Abuse, Addiction and Recovery

  • Acts 16:9 A Call to Action - Faith in Action 

  • Prevention of Exploitation  

  • A Survivor Perspective 

  • The Path to Freedom

  • The Truth about Abortion  -  Post-abortion restoration 

  • Sex Industry Outreach 

  • Identity, Value, and Purpose

  • Best, Trauma Care Practices for Female Survivors of Exploitation

  • Overall Wellness - Spirit, Body, and Soul

  • Reaching People Effectively 

Unique  Professional  Survivor Led + Informed 


CSE (Commercial Sexual Exploitation) 101 – This one hour presentation provides an introduction to Action169's prevention, intervention and restoration actions to address and provide solutions towards exploitation. Receive an overview of Commercial Sexual Exploitation, which includes sex trafficking, from a survivor perspective.  Gain understanding on specific solutions you can engage in to be a part of shifting culture.



CSE 201: Dynamics of CSE, including Sex Trafficking  

A presentation with more of an in-depth look at the system of exploitation/sex-trafficking, definitions, methods of recruitment, and barriers to escape. Learn about the economics of sex trafficking and how the “demand” is driving the market for sexually exploited women and girls. The recommended time allotment for this presentation is 90 minutes to ensure that all topics are covered and allow sufficient time for Q & A. 


Call to Action for Faith Communities 

This 90 minute presentation provides a faith-based perspective on Action169's regular “CSE 101” presentation, with specific ways for faith communities to get involved. Hear from a survivor perspective as Danielle shares her moving testimony of coming out of the industry,  a story of redemption that will leave you hopeful and inspired.

The Garden Keys - Workshop

Two Day Workshop Based off The Garden Keys - 22 Keys of Restoration

An interactive workshop designed to promote biblical, faith based restoration-body, spirit and soul. Workshop best suited for Church groups, faith communities, and/or faith based out-patient or in-patient restoration programs or safe homes. Led by author, speaker, and counselor Danielle Freitag, you will be led through a time of learning, and implementing self-care practices for personal restoration. Activate hope with keys of courage, forgiveness and reconciliation.

  • Understand dynamics of exploitation, addiction and trauma

  • Experience personal victory, and restoration utilizing various keys from each chapter of The Garden Keys

  • Receive The Garden Keys and other restoration materials 

Building a Bridge of Hope 

Victory over a life of exploitation as seen through the eyes of a survivor and her husband highlights the power of a strong marriage based on faith. For Danielle and Corey that faith was the foundation for a bridge of hope from trauma to triumph. Danielle shares her moving story of coming out of the industry to become a licensed professional and women’s advocate. She encourages you to take action based on your own calling and credentials.

  • Learn what it means to move from trauma to triumph


  • Experience being empowered to utilize keys that prevent exploitation, and promote your own personal restoration


  • Learn to build a bridge to those you desire to impact through your calling and credentials


Hearts of the Fathers 

Engaging men in the fight against exploitation by Strengthening the Family.

A key to decreasing the shocking statistics of exploitation, can be when a father takes a stand to be a part of his child's life. When a father's heart is turned towards his child, honor is shown. An impactful message with a focus on character, strength, and honor.

Science tells us that the relationship between a father and child deeply impacts a child’s long-term development in many critical ways. Children with involved fathers are less likely to experience depression, teen pregnancy, risky behaviors such as substance use and more.  Vulnerability factors in a child's life can be decreased, and when vulnerabilities become less, the risk of being exploited also becomes less. 

Audiences will be empowered to understand the significance of a father in a daughters life.  The Hearts of the Fathers message, is a Malachi 4:6 message and can be accompanied with the Daddy Daughter Dance Event.


Working with Victims of Sex Trafficking – Best Practices for Law Enforcement

Best Restoration Practices For Working With Survivors of CSE  (Commercial Sexual Exploitation)

Understand best practices for the restoration of women who have been exploited, who may also be fighting substance abuse and the diverse concerns related to CSE (Commercial Sexual Exploitation). Danielle Freitag, LADC, Survivor Advocate will provide in this 90 minute training, best approaches for restoration in support of the wellness, dignity, and potential of survivors of exploitation.  Gain awareness as an advocate and/or counselor on a variety of different therapies, whether you are providing services for women in in-patient or out-patient treatment programs or safe housing.  Gain understanding to provide enhanced independent living skills as well as best wellness practices to ensure survivors acquire self-care, and self-esteem practices for their rehabilitation process.


  • Understand and implement best therapy styles 

  • Create individually customized rehabilitation plans 

  • Understand best wellness practices and how to teach practices

Best Practices for Medical Personal - Recognizing CSE/Trafficking and Response 

Presentation includes red flags pamphlet for medical professionals

  • Understand definition and dynamics of exploitation, including sex trafficking

  • Gain knowledge on how to identify red flags of exploitation

  • Become equipped for response protocol

  • Receive a survivor written 'red flags' pamphlet



Custom Training: Action169 expert trainers work with organizations and agencies to develop custom trainings and presentations (including objectives and materials) tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

Please inquire for details. 



To request a speaker/training and check fees/availability, please fill out the Speaker Request Form