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A R T   W O R K S H O P    E V E N T

a watercolor workshop by Anchor 13 Studio

led by Anna Friendt


Action169 is hosting an Anchor 13 Studio art healing workshop, recreated heART.

This unique experience is inspired by Anna Friendt's healing journey and how God has worked through her heart and mind for a soul-level healing.  An evening to express yourself creatively alongside your Creator, search your heart, and exchange lies for truth in a safe and intimate atmosphere of prayer and worship. There is no artistic talent required, nor is it necessary. All watercolor supplies are provided, however, you are more than welcome to bring your own!

This is a faith-based workshop and so the contents of the workshop will reflect that.

 Exhibitor Tables, Music and Refreshments Provided in a Beautiful Space

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A B O U T   A N N A 

Anna is an artist and graphic designer who finished attending UNWSP for a B.S. in Graphic Design in 2012. She is a dreamer with a story, an explorer craving adventure, and a creative entrepreneur. Creating has always been at the very foundation of her being and has always known she has wanted to be an artist. As she grew, she discovered her creativity would grow with her. Just as it is with achieving any goal, there is always hardships, resistance, and obstacles. Hers came in the form of clinical depression and severe anxiety, which stemmed from a traumatic childhood and unstable young adult life; sexual abuse, foster care to adoption, and commercial sexual exploitation – all of which she overcame.


She sincerely cares for those marginalized and vulnerable and is passionate about using her gifts and her voice to make an impacting difference; helping people discover healing. Her life story, career path, and her personal faith walk eventually led her to the vision and mission of Anchor 13 Studio.

Anna also volunteers for Action169’s strip club outreach, Bella Daughter. One of her most favorite opportunities she is a part of.

recreated heart bg.jpg