The Great Northern Diver 

Minnesota Loon

Exclusive to The Garden Keys by Danielle Freitag 

Size 4x6 


Print by Anna Friendt 

Print is framed and matted.


Not only is the loon the state bird of Minnesota, but it is a majestic bird that teaches us a significant lesson about sound. The loon, also called the great northern diver, is a bird who produces a beautiful sound to communicate. One loon may be on the top of the water making a sound to call for a loved one, and the other, under the water only hearing a faint sound.


As they get closer to one another the sounds get louder.


The common loon has four calls which can be placed into categories: hoots, wails, tremolos, and yodels. Some are soft and carry for only a short distance. Other calls travel over lakes for tremendous distance.


Eventually and hopefully, the loons will begin to alternate their signals. When there are sleeping loons who drift apart, it takes a vocal search for one another to awaken. In addition to being a mysterious bird who makes a beautiful sound, loons also carry their babies on their backs for safety and comfort.” Excerpt From, The Garden Keys: 22 Keys of Restoration, V.II - Awakening Daughter Zion.



Lord, thank You for the gift of sound. Thank You, that not only are You singing over us, but that there is a sound all of Heaven is making. We are beginning to hear the sound, and tune into the sound. The sound includes the cry of the eternals, the babies who’ve been aborted, but who now worship around the throne. Thank You that we are beginning to hear their sound. Music is the universal language — Open our ears to the sounds of healing, and tune our hearts to Your heartbeat..



The Great Northern Diver





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