The Garden Keys

22 Keys of Restoration 

Volume II - Awakening Daughter Zion 


Author: Danielle Freitag, LADC

The Garden Keys, Volume II - Awakening Daughter Zion continues leading the exploration of an in-depth look at the commercial sex industry in an authentic, real-life journey out of the depths of grief from abortion, addiction and the business of exploitation.


The first-hand account of overcoming, written by a licensed drug and alcohol counselor, is a story or restoration that gives practical tools for healing from trauma - body, spirit and soul. Recognize the tactics of Babylon that seduce, sedate and silence. Come out of thorns and thistles of entanglement and move into the garden of your life in the greatest love story ever told. Experience awakening as you apply biblical keys for personal restoration in an expedition that comes full circle, leading back to the garden. 


Find keys to flourish in the garden of your life - growing with purpose, hope

and destiny.


• Devotional section for practical, biblical application and reflection

• Prayer and action steps for finding healing from trauma

• Activate restoration with keys of grace, honor, worship and more




 . . . 


There are keys to unlock hearts and open the flood gates of healing that wash away every chain of shame, and guilt. The Father says, 'Awake my Love, the nightmare is over.' Read and weep, and let your tears sing the song of freedom, O Daughter of Zion.
- James Nesbit Prophetic Artist, Musician 



Those who take the time to plant Danielle’s words and scripture wisdom deep into their hearts, will surely reap a bountiful harvest of healing and joy. So invest the time to unearth each key she shares...because you my friend are worth it! 

Keri Wilt, Author, Speaker, Co-gardener at FHB and Me, planting seeds of hope with her Great-Great-Grandmother Frances Hodgson Burnett, author of 'The Secret Garden.'



Danielle reveals the power and protocol of worship both from the heart and through sound - a key sound that can access the throne room of Heaven bringing pleasure to the King of Kings. Keys are significant instruments in order to achieve access. This book will invite and give you permission to enter into the doors of your destiny.
- Beckah Shae, Co-founder of Shae Shoc Records, Singer, Songwriter 



In each chapter, Danielle’s personal story is interlaced with words of life from the scriptures. Let yourself be intimately in touch with each key that unlocks the door as you pass through into the garden, from wounds into healing, brokenness into restoration, and from bondage into the revelation of freedom. 

- Karen Krueger, Apostle, Call to The Wall, MnAPN, HaPN


"From the depths of brokenness to the redeeming love of Jesus, Danielle shares her journey on finding healing and shalom peace. Unlock beauty from the ashes of lies and deceit and take heart as you read about a life found in true identity and authority."  

      - Jenna De Jong, Co-Founder of Action169 and Women’s Health Advocate


The Garden Keys, 22 Keys of Restoration VII Awakening Daughter Zion





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