Recently, I had a moment of choosing whether or not I'd react in anger or take the high road. We've all been there. Instead of shooting back an e-mail filled with emotion, Holy Spirit drew me out of the emotion as I began praying. After all, I had been playing my harp prior to opening the e-mail and had been experiencing His sweet presence. This was a moment to decide what kind of character I was going to show.

The second chapter of The Garden Keys, highlights the significance of exceptional character under trial. The key, is character itself, and the story is about Joseph.

There may have been moments when Joseph felt angry, but overall, the scriptures indicate that he exhibited exceptional character during times of trial. For example, he showed grace towards his brothers even when they sold him into slavery. Jospeh also displayed faithfulness to God, never wavering from his commitment to follow Him, even when he was thrown into jail for a crime he did not commit.

Joseph chose love because Love had chosen him, and just like you and I, Joseph was created in such a way that he could make his own choices. He chose not to be angry. His brothers also had free will to choose what they would allow to take root in their thoughts.

We each have a choice.

For today, choose to allow Holy Spirit to bring you wisdom in the moment instead of acting out of emotion.

Don't let emotions make your decisions.

Sound judgement comes from a place of rest, a place of wisdom, and a place of truth. We can can find that truth in the scriptures, and in moment of rest before we respond with wisdom that comes from the best Counselor, the Holy Spirit.

The day of the e-mail, the one I could have reacted towards, was the day I stepped away to pray specifics and not react out of emotion. In the past, I may have reacted in emotion, but thank goodness God has continued to shape my character. Make today be the day you take a step back for a different perspective. Choose the kind of character that doesn't allow your personal peace to be stolen.

It is your choice to protect your garden.

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