A Fathers Heart

A new move of Gideon is emerging - The sons of God like the book of Judges and the daughters of God like Deborah in the book of Judges. The Sons and Daughters are aligning with who they really are as a new Justice move is awakening many to the Fathers Heart like Malachi 4:6.

What if this Justice movement really challenged exploitation, spoke up for those who can not speak for themselves and yet also honored men, speaking to the true nature, the man of Valor in the Sons of God? When an angel of the Lord spoke to Gideon he said, "The Lord is with you, mighty warrior." (Judges 6:12) At the time, Gideon was hiding, hiding in a wine press because of outside oppression. The people who had been brought out of slavery began to worship other gods, looking away from the One True God. And yet, when oppression had become so bad, they called out to God and God sent them a Prophet, the man Gideon.

Within this new justice awakening, we will see and hear a speaking to the true self, just like our One Great Father demonstrated with Gideon, speaking to him as a warrior even though Gideon was fearful.

In 2009, I wrote a letter from the daughter perspective, a letter that honored my dad while he was in the midst of battling alcoholism, a battle that would soon be won. The truth is, Holy Spirit moves in waves to bring honor to His children, and He will accomplish such through a willing vessel, who although may be found hiding or timid, is also willing to speak the Word of God, and know true self as a Son or Daughter of God who will not allow injustice in their sphere of influence. When we can look past feeling anger or resentment, and recognize who the true enemy is, we can begin to go to war like Gideon and Deborah. Gideon was told, "But I will be with you, and you shall strike the Midianites as one man." (Judges 6:17). It was the Lord God who went before Gideon and it is The Lord God who goes before us in this Justice move.

Reconciliation heals the wounds of generations, causing the sons and daughters to understand and cut off injustice that would seek to go to war on the true self, a truth made possible through the cleansing Blood and person, Jesus Christ.

A portion of the letter was read this past weekend, a Malachi 4:6 moment in a room of 75 grown men, dads of honor at the first annual Action169 Daddy Daughter Dance. Co-Founders of Action169, Michael and Jenna De Jong, along with many amazing volunteers carried out the vision of Malachi 4:6. Little girls danced with their dads, created gifts and answered questions so their dads would know their love language. Michael De Jong spoke a message about the eagle who is focused, ready to change to better raise up his young, a message intertwined with the daughter perspective to honor her father, speaking to the true self.

A night for more than prevention, this was a group, sons of God like eagles, with focused vision to raise up their daughters with a fathers heart, looking to the One Great Father who speaks to the true self, calling forth the warrior.

Thank you to all who volunteered your time, treasure and talent.

We are grateful for the outcome of the first annual Daddy Daughter Dance, an event that took an army united for a common purpose, a Malachi 4:6 purpose.




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