Understanding Sexuality

We must learn the difference between a healthy sexuality, which is infused with love, and a toxic or harmful sexuality, which is fueled by lust.

Perhaps, if more information was provided and the connection between pornography and the sex trafficking industry were made, more of us would take a stance in our personal lives to protect our children and ourselves from the influence of porn. To fight for a healthy sexuality, you are also taking a stand, and saying that children and women who are in the sex-for-sale industry are human beings and not a set of body parts to lust after or be purchased.

Porn models a dissociated, prostituted sexuality. It pictures the sexual act disconnected from any meaningful relationship. Lust is at the core.

Lust threatens the core substance of what it means to be human, which is to experience love. We were created for love, but the Spirit of lust will never satisfy our longing for love. Lust will destroy the spirit, soul and body of an individual. Lust will also cause harm in the relationships with those around you who've become victims of your self-centeredness.

Like we were created for love, we were created to enjoy sex. So, let's talk about sex, a healthy sexuality and let's get one thing straight, we human beings are made so that even the topic of sex gets our attention.

"This fascination with sex is absolutely vital. If we did not have this inborn interest in things sexual we would not have the audacity to overcome our natural hesitation to become very personal with someone else, completely intimate, and literally joined with another. " - Joe S. Mcilhaney, JR., MD

There is nothing spiritual or moral about limiting sexual pleasure in marriage either.

God is the greatest proponent of your pleasure—not the pleasure that is sweet for a season, but the deep, profound satisfaction that only grows sweeter with time – the kind that is enriched with love that gives, love that comforts, and love that excites.

  • A healthy sexuality emphasizes the entire person and is fueled by love and desire for intimacy. The result is that it draws two people together, cementing their commitment to one another in mutual pleasure, affection, and edification. A healthy sexuality fulfills God's original design and purpose.

  • A toxic sexuality emphasizes the body at the exclusion of the person. It is self-centered and fueled by lust. The result is a dehumanizing experience that drives two people apart in mutual shame. A toxic sexuality distorts God's original design and purpose.

Each one of us should know how to possess his/her own vessel in sanctification and honor. This means to gain wisdom and understanding of a healthy sexuality, while fleeing from what is unhealthy.

In doing so, you protect not only yourself, but your family and children.

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