Michael De Jong, Co-Founder of Action169

Michael De Jong and his wife Jenna, are passionate to see the gospel reach the individuals they come into contact with. Mike continues to contend for revival, and places a strong value on the significance of prayer, in his personal life, and in the Action169 organization. Mikes 'fathers heart' is to see the family be the foundation of society. 


Mike completed Biblical Studies through Liberty University. 


Jenna De Jong, Co-Founder of Action169 


Jenna is passionate to see women rise up and embrace their God-given destinies. Jenna is a wife, a mother of four who homeschools her children, and an out-spoken advocate for women's best health. The cry of her heart, and what has drawn her into this justice movement to end exploitation, is for the protection and care of children who are being sexually exploited worldwide. Jenna's hope is to be a part of ending the atrocities experienced by children as young as 7 year's old. 


Jenna leads a life of example in striving to not only raise up her own children with excellence, but she seeks to empower other families to raise their children in excellence as well. She is the visionary for the Action169 Daddy Daughter Dance.


Jenna brings a fresh perspective of a caring mother to the Action169 organization. Her relationship with God, strong marriage, love for others, and desire to put an end to sexual exploitation inspires.