The Action169 team is visiting faith communities to offer a powerful and impactful message designed to rally  the body of Christ towards effectively addressing  commercial sexual exploitation. Gain invaluable knowledge, including specific solutions, of how to confront exploitation in all forms, including human sex trafficking. Discover the facts of the injustice, as well as specific solutions during this 90 minute presentation. 


Hear from a survivor perspective as Danielle Freitag shares her transparent and moving testimony that offers solutions.  For some of the Call to Action events , we are   joined by a State Regional Navigator.


  • Understand on a personal, as well as corporate level how to effectively stop exploitation 

  • Recognize the signs of exploitation 

  • Learn ways to support and empower survivors 

  • Receive the Action169 survivor written prayer guide 

Call to Action Radio Broadcast - Interview with Danielle Freitag
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